In the way back to home, I just thinking all of the conversation back then, when Uguisu-Senpai said that Kanata just a reading partner. Well its not like Im jealous of Him, after all Im just a Mob Character.


”Its tough not to interrupt the story huh ” I said it to myself.

”Im home ” I said

”oh Himeya welcome home ” said my sister Haruka Shin.**.jpg

”Don forget, its your turn to cook tonight ” said my sister. ”Okay, okay, Sis have you bought the ingredients yet? ” I asked

”Already brought it, you just go ahead and cook it later ” She said

After that when I was cooking my sister asked what I would cook, of course I cooked all Japanese person would it every day dishes, curry.

”Curry again? cook something else will ya ” said my sister

”Yes, Ive cooked fried chicken and fried meatballs too ” I said

”Wahhhhh Meyya I love you!! ” She said.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that my sister who is currently working as a mangaka, She also graduated from the university majoring in Art. Since my sister and I moved out of our parents house, because my parents moved abroad and only my sister and I were at home, we became close. My personality with my sister is very different where she is a very friendly and active person while I am quiet person, that quiet personality thing is also because I want to be careful in this world. My sister also often invites me to chat in my spare time and she also often invites me to go for walks in her spare time.

”Himeya are you going to sleep? Good night then ” She said

”Yeah good night too sis ” I replied to him

After that night passed, I keep my daily life normally, well it seems to be progressing where bad rumors about Touka keep rising, I don care and just keep chatting with her as usual. When the class had started, it was seen that someone had just entered, that person was Touka.

”Hey look its the person ” Student A

”She who often goes out at night with older man? ” Student B

the class became crowded and Touka just silently went to her seat and slept

”Touka-san just ignore what they say kay ” I said in a whisper

”Mhm… ” Touka who just muttered

after the lesson was over and entering the break time, Kanata immediately got up from his seat and went straight to Toukas seat, and for some reason at that moment I immediately confronted Kanata and I said ”Please don bother him Kurono-san ”

hearing my words Kanata immediately walked away and immediately go out of class.

”Thank you….Himeya-kun ” Touka said with her head lying on the desk.

I swiftly rubbed Toukas head, and she immediately raised her head and immediately got up from her seat at the same time in a quiet classroom with no people, no sound, Touka immediately hugged me and said ”Thank you for protecting me Himeya-kun ”

I immediately returned the hug and said ”Its okay I will always be on your side ”

After Touka has calm down I suggest her to go home, well she want me to take her and I said yes of course.

on the way we chatted about the school trip, and we agreed not to take the existing lessons and we chose to skip school at that time citing illness. I asked my sister to write a letter for me and Touka, but before that my sister wanted to meet Touka in person.

Arrived on the day after tomorrow where My sister and Touka met,

”Touka-san, don be nervous when you talk to My sister kay ” I said to her.

She replied ”Ah calm down Himeya-kun maybe your Sister and I will get along and maybe She will agree with me hehe ”

”agree? agree what? ” I asked

”Its a secret ” She replied

We both sat in the living room and my sister came with a scary face

”So your name is Araya Touka? ” ask my sister

”Ah, yes, thats me, ” She answered

”I didn think the time would come…. ” My sister then fell silent by lowering her face and…

”Touka-chan be my sister ” My sister said while holding Toukas hand

”S-SIS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING?! ” Of course Id be surprised to hear that

”Ah, Meyya, just be quiet, listen to your sister first. ”

”Um sis…WITH PLEASURE ” replied Touka who might know my Sister Games

”Give me a break ” I said

”HAHAHAHA I haven seen Himeya with this reaction in a long time ” my sister laughed

”Hmmmm you little- ” I pinched my sisters cheek

”My dear lovely Brother ” She said

after that we started talking about the sick letter,

”So where are you two going? ” ask my sister

”Trip?…hmm… ” Touka mumbled

”No idea ” I said

”Kyoto? ” Said Touka while looking at me

”Kyoto, how many days? ” ask my sister

”Huh, you agree? ”

”Of course hehe ”

”There must be something weird now ”

”Himeya Shin, Don forget to bring protection ” She smirked


She run to her room with a laughter,

”I think she agreed…Touka-san? ”

I found Touka with a red tomato heart face, she looks so embarrassing

”I need a second ” with a red tomato face Touka said.

After she has calmed down, I invited her to have dinner together since she had to spent the day at my house.

”Touka-chan you know Meyya can cook? ” My sister asked Touka

Touka then answer ”Wow really He can cook? What about you Haru-nee? ” Little Note: ”nee heres mean Sis.

”Ugh ” EMOTIONAL DAMAGE My sister can answer her question I feel bad for her.

”Well Lets eat then ” I said to lighten the mood.

”Bon appetite! ” My sister said.

After eating, I escort Touka to her house. Arriving in front of Toukas house, Touka hold my hand and she said

”I can not wait for Kyoto ”

”mhm Me too ”

After that I said goodbye to Touka and go back to home

”Im home ” I said but no one respond

”Sis? Are you there? ” I look for my sister and find her at the living room sleeping in the couch,

”This is… ” I found a sick letter lying on the table, with the name of Himeya and Touka. Then I lift my sister and carry her to her room.

”Thank you for your hard work, Sis ” I said in whisper.

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