”Hey old man this is a Tourist place, why are you so mad? People are taking picture now you see? ” I said it to the Criminal

”Himeya? ” Touka look surprised to find me

”Huh where? ” The criminal looks around and he get lost gripped at Touka arm, at that moment I take Touka hand and said ”Lets run! ”

After that,

”Fhuuuh….fhuuuh ”

”Fhuuuuh….. ”

”What are you doing back there Touka? ” I said

”Its not your problem Himeya, hey you should worry more with Hishiki-senpai you know that right? ” she trying to dodge my question and actually it kinda make me mad hearing her saying that


”I….I….Himeya you should leave me… ” She said

”Not in a million Years ” I said

After a moment Touka has calmed down and I said to her that we should go around but her leg is hurt because when we ran away she fell down

”You got a bandage? ” I ask her

”In my bag ” she said while take her bag and handed me the Bandage

”Hold it ”

”Khuughh..It hurt ” She said

”Done, can you walk? ” I ask her

”Don wanna, piggyback Himeyaa ” she said

”huh okay okay ”

In our way I ask her where she wants to go and she said that she want to see the night view of Kyoto temple and I grant her that request

While looking around the night view of Kyoto Touka begins to cry while looking at the view

”Himeya…. ”

”what is it? ”

”You found me…you helped me…you care about me… ”

”of course I will and I care about you… ”

”you see…this is the first time that I ever felt like this…Before I ever knew you all I found is that people are badmouthing me and they never talked to me because of that rumor ”

”…. ” Hearing her say that I just give her a nod and said ”Touka if anything ever happened I want you to rely on me and not to just quiet about it ”

”mhm Yeah I think will from now on ” she said

”Himeya… ”

”What is it? ”

”Thank you…(Thats what I like about you) ” she said it in whisper

I just smiled and just go off to the inn…

The place where we gonna sleep

How did we ended up like this….

I tried to sleep but still can , moreover the futon is a double bed and I can feel the warmth from Toukas back

”ah ” Touka let out a moan that lead me to a misunderstand,

”Touka don make weird sounds ” I said

”It can be helped your back is cold Himeya ” she said

”How about we see each other? ” I said, instantly Touka blushed

”Okay ” she said.

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