ting to stay overnight and stretch your legs somewhere around ”

”If you cry every time, Its hard you know…haha… ”


”I don care about the old days ”

”From now on why don you think about fun things? ” I said while hugging her from behind

”Himeya…. ” she said

”Thats why, lets go on a trip again ” I said

”Next time, well invite Haru-nee, your friends and make it lively ”

”I don have friends ya know? ” she said

”Then make it ”

”ehh ”

”Its not a hassle ” I said

”Hmm…I know….Ill think about it… ” as she began to smile

”Yeah… ”

”Hey where are you going to take me? ” she ask me

”Eh? I haven thought about it yet.. ” I answer

”Lets think about it then ” she said

”Okay, okay ”

”The winter vacation is at the Sapporo Snow Festival ”

”Ehhhh ”

”What is it? ” I said

”It was cold don want that ” she said

”How about Okinawa? ” I said

”Isn like Hawaii? ” she said

”You… ”

”Ehehehe…. ” She giggle

”The warm place is…nice ”

”Winter is cold ”

”Spring holidays?? ” I said

”Soon it will be spring holidays ”

”Yeah, you
e right.. ” she said

”where will the place be… ” I said

”We make it closer, so it will reduce transportation costs and use it for accommodation… ”

”Oh, thats right! Why don we stay at the Enoshima observation lighthouse? ” she said

”Oh that one is also good…The accommodation cost is also free ” I said

”Heh, Oi ” knowing that the place where it all began she turn around me

”Fufu..Ahaha! ” she laugh

”Fu….Haha…Ahahaha! ”

While laughing, the hand I casually stretched out and touched Touka hand

I try to withdraw in a hurry, but…

”un ”

She gently grabbed my hand

”Touka… ”

”Im looking forward ” She said


”Yeah… ”

”fufu…Im happy ”

”Yes ”


”Himeya ”

”What is it? ”

”I just called ” she said

”Hey… ”

”Ahahaha…fufu… ”

”Haha..hahaha… ”

The warmth I feel in front of me and the feeling of each other that are transmitted from the connected hands. Surrounded by happiness, We closed our eyes quietly from either side.

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