In the next morning

”Hmm..mmm…Morning… ” I slowly opened my eyes

”Fuuuh…haaah…fuuuh… ”

When I woke up, I saw a sleeping face of Touka in front of me

”…! ”

I hurriedly suppressed the place where I was about to raise my voice

I should have slept with my backs facing each other last night…In the morning, the two of us are facing each other now…

”Fuuuh…haaah…fuuuh… ”

”….. ” This is the first time I have seen her sleeping face from the front

”Fuuuh… fuuuh… ”

She looks cute…Its like a lie that Im always hated and just listening. Looking at her like this…I think its really beautiful.

”…Hmm…Huh… ” The glossy lips are slightly open and are likely to be inhaled.



”…Don …Wanna kiss me…? ”

”Eh… ”

Is she sleep-talking?

”Did you wake up? ” I ask her

”Un…Just happen to wake up now… ” Touka quietly opened her eyes and smiled a little sleepy.

”…Not doing it? ”

”Of course I don ” I said

”I wish youve done it while I was sleeping ”

”No, thats not gonna work ” I said

”Im okay though… ” she said with a red face


”I don though… ”

”Why? ” she asks

”We are not dating and of course I can ”

”We have to be dating? she asks again

”Usually it should be like that ”

”Hmmm…. ”

”What is it… ”

”Himeya surprisingly saying thing serious like that, fufu ” she laugh

”How about you, can you kiss me even though we
e not dating? ” This time I asks her

”Hmm… ”

”I can do it if I want to ya know? ” she said

”Hoo… ”

”You can even kiss even if you
e not dating ” she said

”But I don want to be someone that I don like… ” again she said with a monotone sound

”Thats crazy ” I said

”Ehh, what is it? ”

”Doing it with someone you like, Of course I want that ” I said

”Even if you
e not dating? ”

”Well…that is… ”

e not serious at all about what Im saying before ” she said

”Himeya you perv ”

”No, what Im saying is that its about you like the person… ”

”Lewddd, ahahaha ”

”Its not lewd, Its a matter of feeling…! ” I said

”Desperate ”

”Guhh… ” at this rate Im losing to her teasing…not to mention I was teased from the morning. Well at least that she has returned to the usual Touka, don know why but…Im kinda relieve but alos regret it because she teased me all this morning

After we take a shower we just go to the station and wait for our train to come

”Himeya… ”

”What is it? ”

”Once again…Thank you… ” she said with a gently smile

”Anytime ”

When we arrive at Akashina station Touka said that she wanna go straight to home and have a nice sleep

”See you at school Himeya!!! ” she said at the other side of the road while wave her hands

”See you!!! ”

When I arrive at home I was greeted by my sister Haruka and she wants to hear my experience at Kyoto

”Hey, hey tell me what happened at Kyoto! ” she said

”Nothing happened there, Sis… ”

”Oh my… ”

Remembering what happened at Kyoto makes me hot and want to be with her again

”Hmm…Himechi, Himechi why the red face??! There is something there right!!? ” she said

”NO NO NOO…Im gonna sleep now, don disturb me sis… ”

”Ehhhhh how about the souvenirs? ”

”On the table ”

”Himeya come here first! ”

”Hmm…Whattt…. ”

Suddenly Haruka hugged me

”Sis…? ”

”Just keep quiet, I miss my little brother hehe ”

”You feeling lonely huh? ” I said

”It can be helped I love my little brother ”

”Mmh…. ” I keep quiet

She keeps hugging me for last 3 minutes and then I when I was about to go to my room

”Himeya… ” she called me

”What… ”

”You must be hungry right? Sit down and I cook something for you hehe ”

”EH YOU CAN??? ” I was surprised to hear that from Haru-nee

-Shin Haruka POV-

Yhaha What do you think Ive been doing since you go to Kyoto huh? Don underestimate your sister LOVE

Every night when I get nothing to do I watch Youfube and learn how to cook a simple dish like a omurice and I was sure that this time Himeya will be in love with my cooking


”And then you put the ingredients on the pan and then- ” Himeya try to teach her sister how to cook

”Oh like this ” she said while putting all the ingredients including the egg which she can put it yet

”Wait don … ”

Too late,

-Back to present-

This time Ill cook the best omurice that you ever eat my dear brother

-Back to Himeya-

”Is this…Omurice ” I ask

”Yes have a taste! ” she said with a smile

What torture is this…My dear sister…Is she been looking out and find out that shes and S

”Okay then…..I have a bite ”

When I took that rice with a spoon then I have a taste of it…

It feels like this is not how it should be….

”HARU-NEE!! ” I shout

”What is it??!! ” she was surprised to hear me shout


”Hime…HIMEYAA!!! ” this time shes the one who shout and Hug me again

”From this time, your dear sister will cook Omurice every morning and every night ” she said

”Please just the dinner ” I said

”Mhm…Mhm…Chu ” She was hugging me until she kissed me on the cheek

”Nee-chan? ” I was surprised that she kissed me

”Now, now, let me enjoy my dear brother night ” she said

After that Haruka keep bringing the topic of Omurice every night….


What a NORMAL day to be a Mob Character….

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