She looks at us,

”Oh you both came ” she said

”huh? Both? ” said Kanata

”Oh right I didn tell you I called you both here to give you this…Jajaa ” she said while take out a souvenir from the bag

”Ohh thanks senpai ” said Kanata

”Thank you Uguisu-senpai ” I said

”Oh yeah I have something for senpai too ” I said while handing out a Souvenir from Kyoto

”Here it is senpai ” I said while giving it to her

”Shin you have something?? ” Kanata said


”Thank you Shin ” she said

The souvenir that I give to her is a charm that has a word Get well soon.

”Shin this is… ” the moment She look the souvenir she was silent not knowing what to say.

”How did you… ” Senpai was surprised to find me knowing her secret

”Hmm what is it senpai? ” Kanata asked

”Kurono, do you mind if we two talked ” she said

”Ah…Okay ”

After Kanata leaving the room,

”Senpai…please make your treatment be the first priority ” I said

”But how…I…I don … ” she was crying

”Its okay Ill be at your side… ” I said

The reason I said this because I have to make sure that Senpai doesn make Kanata to be her first priority.

”Shin…Can I… ”

When she said that my body moved on its own and hug Uguisu-senpai

”Shin…sobs…sobs… ”

”Its okay senpai, let it out all of your feeling ” I said to make her calm

After 10 minutes of crying finally Uguisu-senpai has calm down

”Shin, how did you know about my illness? ” she asked

”I have many surprised you know? ” I said while giving her a little smile

”The reason I keep silent about it because… ”

She was silent for a moment,

”Its okay if you don want to talk about it ” I said

”No, I want to make it clear now…The reason why I keep it a secret it because I want to enjoy my life as a normal high school girl, I don need people to have pity on my condition…and… ”

”I know senpai…and thats why this time I make sure that I save you ” I said

”But how? ” she said

”Its easy, don let others became your first priority and keep your treatment be the first priority in your life ”

”Shin…You are full of surprise huh hehe ” She giggle

”Trust me, every time whenever you need me to be by your side, Ill come to you I promise ” I said


”You really are one of a kind Hi…Shin ” She said

”Its okay if you want to call me Himeya ” I said

”Then Himeya… ”

”mhm… ” All I can do is smile now and make sure this is going to work and it seems to be working

”Himeya…I have a plan that when I graduate I want to go outside Japan to treat my illness, how about you come with me? ” she asked

”Well I got one year left but I make sure to visit you wherever you are ” I said

”Like the other side of the moon? ”

”Yes… ”

”hehe… ”

”Well senpai also the one whos full of surprise ” I said

”Oh you know what book it was from? ” she asked

”I am one of library committee member hehe ”

”Shin once again, Im sorry to hide this from you…from you all ” She said

”Well you got your own reason for that and I can judge and its Himeya ”

”Oh right Himeya hehe ”

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