Later that day, Blackfur sighed and stretched. It was time for him to walk down to the moon pool. This was going to be quite the walk. (Eee. Ima time skip to moon pool until I can figure this out.)

Blackfur took a deep breath and drank from the moon pool. Suddenly, everything vanished. And all he could see was a beautiful forest a sparkling, ghosted cats in front of him. (Okay look I is forgetful, I no has a book to guide me on this so I will just go by what I think I remember.) ”Are you ready to receive your nine lives, ” asked Swiftfoot. ”I am, ” Blackfur meowed. Blackfur purred as his eyes met with his mentors. ”Cheetahstrike! Its so good to see– ”. Cheetahstrike touched his nose to Blackfurs head. ”You ran with endless energy throughout the hunting grounds being my apprentice. With this life I give you endurance. As a leader you will need that energy now more than ever. Use it well in taking care of your clan. ” Blackfur stared in confusion. What? Then it was Swiftfoots turn. Swiftfoot… ”OH MY STAR CLAN, YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT I SAID TODA– ” ”With this life, I give you common sense. I beg of you to use it wisely when guiding the clan. ” Next was Steeltail. Steeltail died not too long ago. Not too long after Yellowstar got sick. ”With this life, I give you strength. Use it well when you are in battle. ” ”I feel like I should have had that many moments ago. ” A she-kit came up to him. He was not familiar with this kit. ”Who are you? ” ”With this life, I give you bravery and courage. When everyone lives in fear, you must be brave enough for them….Good luck being leader dad. ” Excuse me, now what? After her, was Crookedeyes. Crookedeyes was Flowerpedals mentor. He was often very grumpy, and always seemed as if he were seeking revenge. Crookedeyes had died before Blackfur became a warrior. He touched his nose to Blackfurs head. And Blackfur finally understood. This was why he had always been so angry. He, too, had lost his family. He had lost his parents. He was wanted to kill the River Clan cats who had slaughtered them. But it was not in his duties to kill. He was a medicine cat not a warrior. ”With this life I give you forgiveness. Forgive those who wrong you, and leave the vengeance to us. ”

”Will do! ” Now Blackfur recognized this kit. It was his sister. Lichenkit put her paws on top of Blackfurs head so that they were eye to eye. Suddenly, a flashback appeared in Blackfurs mind. It was the day Lichenkit was taken away. They had no protection. Lichenkit touched her nose on Blackfurs head. He felt her pain. The heartless rogue jabbing its claws into her pelt. ”I knew you wanted to protect me. So with this life I give you protection to protect your clan. ” This next cat was very familiar, he recognized her beauty from many moons ago. Melody… ”Is this where youve been? The entire time? ” Blackfur purred, expecting to feel compassion. But no. As soon as she touched his head, Blackfur cried feeling an overwhelming sense of sorrow. He saw her kits. She and three of them died. ”So where are the other two? Melody? ” ”With this life, I give you love. Love your clan as you have loved me. ” How does that even…? Blackfur felt comfort as Bluewind touched her nose on his head. Blackfur remembered her soft, thick fur. How warm it was in leaf fall and leaf bare. She was the one who took him and his litter mates when his mother left Thunder Clan. She became their mother. And treated them as one of her own. ”With this life, I give you patience. To be able to think before you make a decision, and not act in the heat of the moment. ” Blackfur suddenly gasped joyfully as Yellowstar stepped forward. ”One of the virtues of a great leader is being honest. So with this life, I give you honesty. Be truthful to your clan and others, and many of them will be truthful to you. I hail you by your new name, Blackstar. Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine lives of a leader, and Star Clan grants you the guardianship of Thunder Clan. Defend it well; care for young and old; honor your ancestors and the traditions of the warrior code; live each life with pride and dignity. ”

Blackstar entered camp with all cats watching him. every twitch, every paw step. Nothing unusual. Berrypaw was sitting by the apprentice den gloomily, while Flamepaw tried to comfort him. Willowcry padded up to Flamepaw. ”C-come on Flame-paw. We…have t-t-to go on p-p-patrol. ” Flamepaw nuzzled Berrypaw. ”Sorry, ” he whispered. Flamepaw followed Willowcry as they walked out of camp. ”I-I-I…I am s-so s-ssorry about Swiftfoot, ” she stuttered quietly. ”Its fine, ” Flamepaw meowed. It was a very silent walk. Willowcry was more worried than ever. Flamepaw was quieter than usual. Until he reached the hunting grounds. ”Pax…, ” he whispered. ”S-s-say what ab-b-bout p-pax, ” Willowcry whimpered. Flamepaw sniffed the air. ”Judging by the scent, the pax has come from Wind Clan, ” said Flamepaw. As Flamepaw searched around, they found who Flamepaw smelled. They were crouched low looking away from them. Flamepaw quickly darted towards them without hesitation. ”DIIIEEE, ” he yowled. The cat hearing this quickly jumped out of the way but tumbled when they landed, Willowcry could then see they were severely wounded on their front right paw. ”What the heck!? ” They said irritated. ”Im so s-sorry. M-m-my apprentice here. He-he thinks you are an enemy, ” Willowcry mewed. ”EVERY UNKNOWN PAX IS AN ENEMY, ” Flamepaw hissed. ”Get them under control then I struggle moving as is otherwise id put them in their place, ” the cat hissed. ”F-flamepaw, c-can you go g-g-get…Flowerpedal, ” Willowcry asked. ”Sure, ” Flamepaw meowed, ”and Ill get Blackstar too! ” Flamepaw darted off back to camp and Willowcry watched to be sure he actually went. Then she turned back to the cat and asked, ”So what are you doing in Thunder Clan? And what happened? ” ”Man, Im really that far out… I ran away from my clan after I got into a fight with the leader, which was a mistake as you can see here, also names Hearthfang ” he said obviously in pain. ”Oh… ” While they waited, Hearthfang attempted standing up but immediately collapsed from his injuries. ”Umm… ” Willowcry began to panic, and started hyperventilating as she heard her apprentice come near. ”I brought Flowerpedal! And Blackstar! ” Willowcry wanted to bury her face in the ground. Viperfoot made it look so easy to turn Flamepaw into a proper apprentice. Flowerpedal came close to Hearthfang. ”Who are you?, ” he weakly hissed showing them he was in no condition to fight. ”I am Flowerpedal. And I am Thunder Clans medicine cat, ” she meowed. He sighed and simply rested his head on the ground letting her do as she needed. He was decently sized in terms of muscle mass but a good majority of his injuries was his lower torso and front right leg. ”My mentor wouldve demanded to have you executed, ” Flowerpedal whispered into his ear, ”You
e lucky hes in Star Clan now. ” He simply sighed knowing that he got lucky before passing out from his loss of blood but was still alive. A few moments later, Hearthfang woke up to the sound of cats talking. Flowerpedal ended up having to find some more borage leaves and horse tail. Which left Gingerpaw working by herself. ”Yes, yes. Hell be fine Willowcry. Ive already told you that more than three times. Midnight, you don decide fates. Now unless you
e hurt or feel sick, get out. Hi Silvermist. Oh and congratulations! Of course I know. Every cat knows. Oh my Star Clan, no Flamepaw. We are not attacking him. ” ”Ugh where… am I, ” Hearthfang asked, still nauseous. Gingerpaw twitched her ears and looked in his direction. ”You
e in Thunder Clan. ” ”Huh interesting well I certainly am a ways away from the Wind Cla- CHUH ” Hearthfang was stopped by coughing blood from his wounds and trying to get up too fast. ”HES DYING, ” Willowcry yowled. Midnight, who was sitting outside the medicine den, dropped her ears. ”Hes not dying, ” she murmured. ”Ugh will you all just shut up… Im not dying now. Can I please get some water? I need to wash this blood taste outa my mouth, bleh. ” he half-hissed. Gingerpaw looked at Tinycreek, who was waiting for his paw to be tended to. ”Tinycreek, can you watch them for me? ” ”But I don know medicine, ” he meowed. Gingerpaw sighed, ”I said watch you flea brain. Or did you not hear me? ” ”Oh, ” said Tinycreek finally hearing what Gingerpaw said. Gingerpaw twitched her tail, and grabbed some moss. She then walked out of the den to go get some water from the lake. Hearthfang looked at Tinycreek tilting his head ”Are they always that irritated, ” he asked Tinycreek. ”Well, ” Tinycreek began, ”not necessarily. I mean, Flowerpedal has a few moons after Midnight and Pepper came. ” ”Huh okay well in case you didn know names Hearthfang, ” Hearthfang said introducing himself a small bit of blush peeking through as he gave a warm smile. ”Im Tinycreek, ” he said in a flirtatious meow, ”nice to meet you. ” ”Hey, you think their any good at gender changes, ” Hearthfang asked seeming to be nervous asking that. ”Well…I don know. Ive never seen them do that before, ” he meowed. He sighed ”figures… Im only asking caus I was wanting to see about getting a gender change while I was here… ” he said with a sad sigh. Suddenly, everyone heard pounding on the entrance. ”No. More. Voices, ” Midnight moaned. Tinycreeks ears perked. ”Umm…ignore her. ” Hearthfang nodded but tried getting up slowly and walked over shakily to Tinycreek and nuzzled them laying back down. Tinycreek blushed a little. ”Heheh, something wrong? ” he asked them. ”Oh-oh…no. Heh heh. Nothings wrong, ” Tinycreek said awkwardly. Hearthfang smiled than pressed against Tinycreek smiling and licked his cheek ”cutie ” he whispered to Tinycreek. Tinycreek sat up. Perfect timing too. Gingerpaw was walking back into the medicine den with water for Hearthfang. She looked at Tinycreek. ”Thank you for the water. Also just curious, are you any good at gender changes, ” Hearthfang asked before drinking. Gingerpaw swished her tail nervously. ”Well, apparently that was Crookedeyes talent that he never passed on to Flowerpedal. And so far, there has never been one cat in our clan to ask us that kind of question…Im sorry Hearthfang. ” ”Meh its cool I was just wondering but anywho Tinycreek here they
e really nice I think they deserve to have some more free time here soon. ” Hearthfang said smiling at Tinycreek. ”Sure, ” said Gingerpaw with a sassy tone. Tinycreek looked at Hearthfang with rounded eyes, then whispered, ”Look out for Gingerpaw, shes mean. ” Gingerpaw jerked her head in their direction, shooting them a cold stare. ”Oh relax Im being honest here don punish them for being nice, ” Hearthfang said getting protective over Tinycreek. ”Uh-huh. ” Just then, Flowerpedal walked in. ”Oh good, you
e awake. I hope my apprentice didn cause you too much trouble. ” ”Its all good I was actually wanting to ask if your fine with Tinycreek giving me a quick look around of the camp, ” Hearthfang requested. ”Well that depends, ” she meowed, ”how are you feeling Tinycreek? ” ”Im feeling just fine. In fact I don even know what Im doing here. ” Tinycreek motioned for Hearthfang to follow him, giving Flowerpedal a thankful nuzzle on the cheek on his way out. Hearthfang shakily followed him and about half way through the camp Hearthfang smiled before trying to pull him over to a small patch of somewhat concealing grass just on the edge of the camp. ”Is something wrong, ” asked Tinycreek, ”Its okay if you feel nervous, I mean– ” ”So whats goin on here? ” Tinycreek quickly turned his head to see Grumbleeyes. He was doomed. Doomed for life. Then she sighed. ”Ah the days, ” she purred, ”I still remember when I first fell in love. I was a young warrior just like you two. ” ”Uh what, ” Hearthfang asked as he sat down. Grumbleeyes twitched her ears in confusion. ”So you
e not? Huh. My bad. Well anyway, if any cat asks, I will be going on a walk. ” ”You
e not supposed to, ” Tinycreek shouted in a worried tone. ”Tinycreek calm down they
e letting us go without a fuss lets not stir up any issues here, ” Hearthfang said suddenly sounding more feminine than he really was. ”She can go off, ” he murmured, tears rolling down his face. ”Well just let her if anything happens than we won be to blame as it was her choice, ” Hearthfang said before pulling Tinycreek deeper into the grass patch making sure nobody saw them. ”No, ” he hissed quietly, ”You don understand! Grumbleeyes is suicidal! And shes mine and Flowerpedals mom! ” Hearing that got him to immediately turn back and find her, and he nuzzled her. ”Hey whats up? Tinycreek here said yer having some, bad thoughts here? Whys that, ” he asked concerned. Instead, he found Grumbleeyes, with a small smile, tickling Midnight, who had been playing with her tail. ”I warned you not to play with my tail you little furball, ” she laughed. Tinycreek stared at Grumbleeyes, confused. ”Mom? ” Grumbleeyes paused, her smile fading, and she looked at Tinycreek, giving Midnight a chance to escape. ”What is it? ” ”Hey um… Grumbleeyes, right? Is everything ok, ” Hearthfang asked. Grumbleeyes looked to the sky. ”Ive lost…everything. ” ”But you still have me and Flowerpedal, ” said Tinycreek, his voice nearly breaking up, ”if you die, it will be just me and Flowerpedal! And then if I die in war, it will be just Flowerpedal. And then Flowerpedal will be depressed and lonely! AND THAT COULD BE THE CAUSE OF HER DEATH! ” Hearthfangs eyes were wide as he was crying, slightly looking traumatized by something, then nuzzled Grumbleeyes in a way of hugging as he began sobbing. ”Flowerpedal is independent, ” Grumbleeyes murmured. ”IM NOT, ” Tinycreek hissed. ”N-no… I can not again… someones trying to kill themself and im just gonna fail at stopping it again… ” Hearthfang sobbed outloud than darted off. Grumbleeyes muttered a few words, then slowly walked back to camp. Tinycreek watched her, to be sure she went back, before running after Hearthfang. He found Hearthfang just outside the borders by the river sobbing. ”I wouldn be there if I were you, ” said Tinycreek, ”RiverClan and Thunder Clan have been in a quarrel for moons, helping Shadow Clan. ” ”Its fine, Im fine. Be in mind Im from the Wind Clan who are known for speed I can easily escape if attacked, ” Hearthfang said with a sigh just staring into the water. ”No you can . You
e injured. You won be able to run that fast. ” he just looked at him with a sad expression making him realize he didn want to be there or anywhere, ”Is there a way to visit Star Clan without dying? ” he asked with no emotion. Tinycreek motioned with his tail for Hearthfang to come close. He did nervously. ”There is this one kit, ” he whispered, ”she was supposed to become an apprentice today. Others won believe her, but I have seen what she can do! ” ”Can you take me to them I need to see my friend again, ” Hearthfang said now seeming desperate. ”Yes, but we will have to meet in a secret place. Follow me. ” Tinycreek padded back to camp. Midnight was peeking into the warriors den. So many cats were cramped in there. Well, at least thats what she saw. ”Do you see the little kit over there peeking into the warriors den, ” he asked. ”Yeah ” Hearthfang said looking at them waving a paw at them. ”Shes blind in one eye. She can see you. Ahem. Midnight! ” ”Hearthfang was now visibly embarrassed that he didn know that. Midnight perked her ears and then looked around trying to see who was calling. ”Midnight over here! ” Tinycreek waved his paw in the air. Midnight padded in Tinycreeks direction. ”Hi Tinycreek, ” she mewed. ”Hi Midnight. I want you to meet my new friend here ” he said looking at Hearthfang, ”His name is Hearthfang. ” ”Are you two dating, ” she asked. Hearthfang hearing this blushed coughing slightly ”M-maybe… ” he said embarrassed. ”Interesting, ” she murmured then sighed as she looked next to them, ”Can you see Im already talking to another cat? Let me–no. Quiet. Let me stop you right there. Listen, I don care who you are, I don care who any of you are! ” Tinycreek looked at Hearthfang with an embarrassed, but slightly confused look. Hearthfang closed his eyes, breathing slowly as if he was hearing something faint. ”Someone else is here but too distant to fully hear, ” Hearthfang said mostly to himself. Midnights gaze slowly turned to Hearthfang. He opened his eyes to find midnight staring at him ”W-what, did I do something, ” he asked, concerned. ”As a matter of fact, yes. So many voices were quiet until you came in to Thunder Clan. ” ”Oh, um sorry I guess I didn know I caused so much trouble… ” Hearthfang said lowering his head ashamed. ”Follow me, ” she grumbled. Midnight led them back out of camp. ”Why are we here, ” Hearthfang asked getting nervous. ”I don need every cat judging me for my quote unquote gift that I have, ” she growled. ”No need to seem so mad about it I mean its neat having a talent or ability specialized to you it makes you unique and anyone who pesters or makes fun of you for it are just jealous they don have that gift, ” Hearthfang said giving a warm smile. ”You don understand, they hardly believe anything I say. ” ”than ignore them ” Hearthfang said showing hed had some kind of struggle with a similar issue. ”Anyway–okay I get it. Ahem, young warrior, you say that you know this cat Hearthfang. What is your name? Ignafur? Nice to meet you. You are very annoying. ” hearing the name Hearthfangs eyes widened showing it was true they knew each other. ”She is here for you. Is there something you would like to say, ” she asked. ”All Id like to say is I miss her, I wish I could have helped her when she needed me most but I failed and that if I could repeat that day over again I would if it meant shed still be alive… ” Hearthfang said starting to tear up. ”She says that she would have died anyway. And she misses you too… ” A few tears started to form in Midnights eyes. ”You don have room to talk, ” she suddenly hissed, ”just remember this was all your fault in the first place! ” ”enough I don need to hear the fighting… just still I get life is hard I get she lost her family but I tried to stop her because I cared for her and it hurts me more than anything I can think of knowing that I could have done better to save her… ” Hearthfang said dropping to the ground crying. The spirit of Ignafur nuzzled Hearthfang, comforting him. After a while he calmed down but just layed there. ”Midnight, ” Pepper called, ”Blackstar wants us at highrock. ” ”Ill be there in a moment, ” Midnight shouted back. ”Mind if I tag along with you all? ” Hearthfang asked. Midnight shrugged. ”Whatever. Well Ignafur, this conversation has come to an end. It was…a pleasure to meet you. ” Tinycreek put his tail on Midnights back guiding her back to camp, as they had gone quite far. ”Come on Hearthfang. ” Hearthfang nodded and got up walking behind them.

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