First Battle

But still…I’m in a terrible physical condition.

The fact that I sleep high up to protect myself from beasts means that if I were to fall deep asleep, I would be in a lot of pain.

I even tried to get down as close to the ground as possible, but it was the opposite of a good night’s sleep.

The hardness and instability made it almost impossible to sleep.

Then there is the sound of the unfamiliar cries and rustling sounds of the ground.

It is impossible for a modern person to sleep peacefully after hearing such sounds at irregular intervals.

It is fortunate that it is not cold enough to make me shiver.

Incidentally, I have already decided on my goal for the second day, which I have been thinking about as I rested my body.

Reaching what I thought may be a river.

On the way, I will do my best to gather anything that looks edible.

Measure the time of the day from the passage of time on my wristwatch.

Then, it will be the time for the first battle, against whatever, whose level is likely higher than me.

My last meal was a hamburger and fries from a certain fast food restaurant that I consumed for lunch yesterday.

Considering that not even a whole day has passed since then, I can still manage as far as hunger is concerned.

However, it is normal in this situation to look for and secure food when I can find something to eat, and I am willing to carry it with me even if I have to shove it in my pocket or bag.

I also want to know the estimated time of day.

And how many hours a day are there of daylight, after sunrise.

If I can figure this out, I can avoid the dreaded sunset in an unexpected location.

And then, again, what comes next is fighting with the beings that are trying to prey on me.

I walked yesterday for about an hour and a half to two hours.

Although I was unable to directly see anything at that time, there is no doubt that there is something out there stalking me, at least as long as I have been hearing suspicious noises and sensing signs of something at night.

Or rather, if I have not been in a large forest of such a scale, this world would be a very peaceful place.

Ideally, I want to catch some sort of beast or small animal, but…

If things are the same as they were in the original world, they will normally flee at the sight of a human.

So, it is likely that a battle with a monster-like enemy will be the most likely scenario.


I’ve never even been in a proper fight before, so I wonder if I’ll be able to defeat an enemy like that. 

Not to mention, I have no skills of any kind.

I have no weapons, no armor, and my level is still 1.

I don’t even know how many enemies there will be in this place.

“A contract is not about whether you can do it or not.
It’s whether you will do it or not.”

Kasahara-san was using such a strong statement.

At that time, I was laughing half-heartedly at the thought that it was too crazy to discuss something that involved a business partner, but perhaps it was that kind of spirit that allowed him to achieve top-class results in the company.

So, I guess I have no choice but to do it.

Acorn-heads claim “a fantasy world of weapons, magic, and skills,” but there is no way that the people of this world will be out there hunting cowardly herbivores with their weapons, magic, and skills.

So, there is an opponent that requires you to use those things, right? 

If not, then who will need those things?

So, it will have to kill or be killed.

And no matter how stupid Acorn-head is, he can still read the mind of his opponent and send him to another world at a moment’s notice.

Therefore, I can assume that he is actually a God, really, if only in the slightest.

It is hard to believe that such a being will just show up and kidnap someone without any purpose.

If there is a purpose, as expected, it will be something like being in a desperate situation like fighting a dragon, something that has yet to be accomplished… No, maybe… I only want to believe so…! 

All right, the sun is rising, so it’s time to get going.

The hands on my wristwatch are pointing at 3:00 a.m.
Japan Standard Time, so I adjusted it to 5:00 a.m.
to somehow synchronize it with the sunrise.

This will make it easier to see the passage of time.

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