First Monster Defeated! 


That’s the only word I can use to describe it.


In the end, I was unable to reach the river, but another Horned Rabbit Horn Rabbit appeared along the way, so I used the same jacket and siege tactics to take it down.


Can I make the rabbit stick its horns again into the hole that has been made?


I feel like I may be able to defeat it if I turn this into a reverse target shooting game.


Another point I found out in defeating the second one was that when I pointed its head to the ground after wrapping it in my jacket, the horned rabbit would single-mindedly try to stab its horns into the ground.


Since it was blindfolded, it might have assumed that there was an enemy there.


It buries its horns on its own and becomes unable to move, which is a new discovery that will greatly reduce the effort of defeating it in the future.


Incidentally, I carried one of them on my shoulder just in case I needed some food, but…


I don’t have a knife or anything that can cut it, so I decided to throw it away on the way after much consideration.


If I can’t eat it, it’s just a piece of luggage.


And the main reason why I finally made the decision to throw them away was because I found several green fruits, about five in one place, clustered together.


When I tried them, I found that they tasted similar to kiwis, with a perfect combination of sour and sweet flavors.


Since the trees were relatively short and they were also a good source of hydration, I dropped the branches and gobbled them up.


If the flavor was poisonous, I would have given up.


It was tough not being able to drink any water for a day.


When I approached, several birds that were probably eating the berries flew away, and today, one night later, I still don’t have a stomach ache, so I think I’m probably okay.


Another discovery is that there are also some common animals in the area, as I found a bird that escaped from me.


The morning of the third day at sunrise.


I am chomping on a large piece of fruit I collected from the tree and thinking about today’s activities and the results of yesterday’s activities.


I have been so burnt out after selecting a place to sleep that I went to bed early, which can’t be helped.


A man who can sleep on a tree.
It is scary how a human being becomes accustomed to things.
I’m sure I’ll let my guard down and fall down one of these days.


First of all, let’s talk about the passage of time.


Yesterday, it was around 18:00 on my wristwatch when darkness enveloped my surroundings.


And today, I found out that the sun began to shine at around 5:00 p.m.
In other words, a day is approximately 24 hours long.


I’m happy to report that it doesn’t feel like there is any difference from Earth.


My watch runs on solar power and does not need batteries, so it will last for quite a long time if there is no major damage or breakage.


If civilization is far behind, repairing the watch when it breaks will not be an option, but I will take good care of it because it is made in Japan and a product that can be used without batteries is probably quite valuable.


In that sense, the same can be said for my calculator, which I have no occasion to use at all at the moment, provided that it can be used as long as there is light.


On the other hand, my cell phone… is no good.


Even if there is electricity in this world, the only charging cable I have is one used for my car.


It’s a high-spec product that looks useful, but it already is dead.


That and the change of environment.


Yesterday I spent the whole day moving and fighting, but I found two horned rabbits and a long-sought-after fruit.


Is this because of the proximity to the river, or rather water? 


Animals need water, so it makes sense that monsters need water as well.


This means that the closer I get to the river, the more frequently I may encounter monsters.


I think I have established a stable method of killing Horned Rabbits, so I will actively try to kill them and gain experience.


By the way…


When I checked the status screen this morning, I found that my [gathering] skill had risen to 3%.


I have been picking flowers along the way, hoping to suck the nectar of the flowers as well as fruits.


In other words, this is confirmed.


In addition to being raised by skill points, skill experience is also raised by taking actions related to that skill.


Maybe because I pinned down those horned rabbits, [body art] also went up by only 1%, so I will be able to acquire some skills if I take the relevant actions diligently.


And the experience bar for level is at 40%, so that means the amount of experience for each rabbit is 20%.


That’s good information at this point in the process.


I’ll keep a note of this in my notebook.


Let’s go then…


Today I want to reach the river at any cost.


First, I have to secure a stable supply of water.


This is what I’m going to aim for somehow.

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