Berserker Boy

[Wedding Ceremony]

[12PM Afternoon]

[Seoul, Korea]

Dozens of people were standing around in the church, standing in the pews. The entire inside of the church was fully white, and it was well decorated.

The groom was standing up at the altar with his suit on, waiting for his bride. His name was Park, and he had short blonde hair in a ponytail, and green eyes.

He was shaking, highly nervous on the best day of his life.

His best man behind him grabbed his shoulder, asking, ”You
e making it so obvious. Isn this the second time youve gotten married? You should be used to this. ”

”I know that! But…this woman..shes the one! Better than the last bitch! She just wanted me for my money, but this one..she wants me for me. FINALLY! ”

”Im glad. Im glad you
e happy. ”

”Thank you, buddy. ”

Sitting in the pews, were two middle aged men with beards, and they sat side by side.

They said to each other:

”Got any background on this woman hes marrying out of nowhere? ”

”Im sorry. I couldn get much. This marriage just happened out of the blue, I didn have enough time to do a lot once I found out at the last second. Park was probably scared we would look into her like his last wife, he was probably afraid wed find something bad. He seems to really be in love with this new woman, he possibly hid her from us. Because once she gets married into the family, we can do anything to her. So its no question why he waited. ”

”So nothing? ”

”I only got a small piece of intel. Shes a part of the A Family. ”

”This woman is from the wretched A Family? ”

”Yeah.. ”

”Well…we don have any beef related affairs with them, so its no issue. Unless…shit gets tangled up in the mix. If this woman is a nosey one, shell probably try and involve herself with our missions. Consulting with one from another family is always risky. But thats how larger families are made and merged. ”

”Agreed. ”

Finally, the music started to play, and Park looked towards the doors.

The doors opened wide, and Parks wife and her father from the A family started walking through. Everyone stood up for her, looking right at her long white dress with the veil covering her made up face.

Park was blushing hard, thinking, Shes so beautiful…that dress DEFINITELY fits her! Im marrying this woman! Tch! Way better than the last one! I got rid of her under everyones noses. Wasn even a gamble. But I took the bet and was restored with something better.

The bride and her father walked closer as they walked to the groom. Pictures were being taken from half of the family there, oooing and ahhhing at her elegant beauty.

Park nodded at her father, and her father released her to go to park.

The bride stepped up in front of Park, and the priest said to Park, ”Now the groom may remove the veil. ”

Park removed the veil from his brides face fast, and everyone laughed.

Park chuckled, ”Sorry, sorry. Just excited is all. ”

The bride laughed, ”You
e so cute, Park. ”

”Hehehehe… ” Park gushed in a flustered chuckle.

The priest was an old man with a long white beard, and a black gown with a upside down cross as a necklace, and he was holding a book.

He said, ”You may now speak your vows. ”

The bride said, ”I want to go first, pretty please? Great. Park, honest, I-. ”

In a split second, a javelin made out of pure blood shot across the church, and it stabbed right through the side of the brides head, and it smashed her into the wall, leaving her stuck there.

Park stood there in shock, looking at his fiancé being hung on the wall by a blood javelin. His eyes shook, and everyone started shouting and gasping.

”What the hell?! ”

”Who did that! ”

”It came through the door! ”

Park said, ”Honey..darling…its time to stop playing around..haha.. ”

His brides eyes were dead, locking onto Parks eyes.

Park started to scream and cry, dropping to his knees.

The priest thought, That speed the javelin was thrown…what incredible strength. It was no mere Berserker who threw it, but someone who has incredible feats.

Some members of the A family and some members of the B family were arguing with each other, and they all were creating guns, rifles, and melee weapons with their blood and they were pointing them at each other, screaming:

”B family cultists! I knew we couldn trust you! ”

”You A family bastards are always in some trouble! Ever since you raided the Z familys stash house, we knew youd be chaotic! ”

”Don blame us, you bastards! Put your weapons down! ”

”You put your weapons down! ”

”No, you! ”

Park screamed, ”Everyone shut the hell up! Please! ”

Park was crying, and everyone got quiet.

The priest said, ”Park.. ”


It was quiet again for another couple of seconds, and walking through the door, was a little boy with shaggy neck length hair, and red eyes. He was 13 years old just starting the 8th grade, and he was holding an assault rifle made out of his blood. His name was Jae-Sung, and his face was neutral. He was covered in blood, but it wasn his blood, but the blood of the guards.

Everyone said:

”A brat..? ”

”No way he got through the guards out front.. ”

”Who are you?! You don look familiar! ”

Park screamed at Jae-Sung, ”WHO are you?! Brat! Did you do this?! ”

Jae-Sung answered, ”No. ”

”No?! ”

Jae-Sung smirked, smiling, ”Just kidding! ”

”Wha-?! ”

Jae-Sungs face went back to a neutral gaze, and everyone started to shoot at him. Bullets and arrows made out of blood struck through his body, almost 300 rounds of it.

Even when Jae-Sung fell, they continued to load blood rounds into him.

The priest yelled, ”Cease your fire! ”

The shooting stopped, and the priest thought, A mere child..wielding a blood javelin and a blood rifle…hes managed to manipulate his blood to the point where he can create multiple weapons…not a lot of Berserkers can do such a thing. Is he a part of a family in this district? Or any district?

Park said, ”Anybody who has blood burning skills, burn this bodys body! ”

All of a sudden, they heard laughing, and the laughing came from Jae-Sung.

Everyone gasped:

”What?! ”

”Impossible! ”

”Our blood weapons did nothing to him?! ”

”Hows he alive! ”

”I swear I didn miss! I swear! ”

Park started walking forward, and he had a blood dagger in his right hand, and he ran forward, yelling, ”Ill kill you, murderer! ”

Jae-Sung stood up slowly as he was covered in blood and his little suit was ripped to shreds.

Jae-Sung made another blood rifle form, and he started shooting forward, killing the majority of the people in attendance, with blood and blood bullets splashing all over the walls.

Park rolled on the floor, and then jumped In the air and he swung his dagger at Jae-Sung.

Jae-Sung dodged it by moving to the left, creating a blood pistol in his left hand, and shot the back of Parks head, killing him.

Jae-Sung said, ”Your ex-wife sends her regards from hell. Coward. ”

More of the A and B family members came rushing at Jae-Sung, and he slashed through them with a blood ax he created, spinning ferociously through them, slicing through them and splitting them apart from all angles.

Then, Jae-Sung created blood brass knuckles with sharp points on his fists, and he started punching heads into the walls and floors as blood bullets were going inside of him at the same time.

The priest just stood there, watching in horror, thinking, Hes been hit hundreds of times by blood bullets..hes been stabbed over and over, and hes creating multiple weapons from his blood..how much training has he had? Not even a Berserker my age could pull off such a feat? Is he….immortal? I can focus too much on him now..Im the 7th head of the A family, I have to act quick! ”

A Berserker is a person who can manipulate their blood and turning it into a weapon.

Jae-Sung punched a hole in two faces at once, and he was dodging the attacks from the other family members. He then jumped in the air, and he made blood grenades from in his hand, and he ran forward at the family members and stuffed the grenades in the mouths, and jumped backwards doing a backflip. The grenades detonated, and the members blew up.

Everyone was dead, besides Jae-Sung and the priest.

Jae-Sung looked at the priest, saying, ”Now then..you
e left. ”

The priest replied, ”Who exactly are you? Are you really a child? ”

Jae-Sung started picking his ears, ”Yep. I start 8th grade tomorrow. Kinda nervous. ”

”Why..are you doing this? ”

”Hm? Isn it obvious..7th head of the A family? ”

”So you know of me? Whats your v

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