Berserker Boy

endetta? Is it revenge? Are you working for another family that s out to get us? Did you have some sort of childish crush on the woman Park was about to marry? ”

”No, no, no, no, no, no, and no. Its not really so much as revenge, its basically saving the world from the stupid scum families lurking around the world being criminals. These families are gangs, mostly the reason why kids like me can ever have nice shit. Don ya think, old man? You
e all terrorists..all the gang families in the A-Z category, and all the gang families in the January through December category. You all fight and kill for control, when half of you are communists yourselves. My goal is to kill ALL of you. Vigilante anti-hero style. Every gang family through the alphabet, and every gang family through the January through December names. Ill exterminate them all in order. The A family is first on my list. ”

”I can see you
e pretty smart for a child. But what is your true motive? A brat like you couldn know anything about how the gang families operate behind closed doors or in the shadows! ”

”I know from experience. I had a family…you bastards took them. Im not saying specifically you..but a gang family. After that day, more reports of innocent dead bodies appearing all over the roads, too many lives taken from them by some stupid dummies. Its better if none of you ever existed, ain I right, old man? ”

”Tch! You
e wrong! As the 7th head of the A family, I will do you the honor of putting you down! ”

”Yawn. Okay. Try me, sir! ”

The priests name was Nam-gil, 64 years old, 7th head of the A family.

Nam-Gil clapped his hands together, and giant 20 foot bears made out of blood, and they had rifle tips coming out of their face, and they started shooting at Jae-Sung.

Jae-Sung yelled, ”Ow! I won be able to regenerate from this! ”

Nam-Gil thought, Then I should win this if thats the case!

Jae-Sung smirked, ”Haha, just kidding! I can believe you fell for it, mister! ”

”Damn you! ”

The bears were trying to eat and claw Jae-Sung with their big hands, while the rifles coming out their faces were still shooting.

Jae-Sung made a blood spear form, and he jumped fast in the air in the blink of an eye, and he started running on the bears arm. He threw the spear through the bears face, and he dashed to it, punching a large hole in it.

Nam-Gil said, ”That speed and strength! ”

Jae-Sung spun the spear behind his head, and he split the spear down the head of the bear, and killed it.

Suddenly, Nam-Gil zipped up to Jae-Sung, holding a rocket launcher made of blood, yelling, ”Die, brat! Trying to be a vigilante? Trying to be a hero disguising as an anti-hero?! Don make me laugh! You don get everything you want in this **ed up world! The agencies and divisions are trying to put us away, you
e no different than them! Trying to make the world a better place by trying to put us away and lock us up, calling us the bad guys. We do what we can to survive and prosper, to give our younger generation something to inherit. We do…whatever it takes. We say ** you to the economy, and ** the government! ”

”Boring. ”

Jae-Sung was dodging all of the rockets, making them explode all over the place.

Jae-Sung said, ”Temper, temper. Calm down and take your vitamins, old man! ”

Jae-Sung zigzagged around the room at high speeds, Nam-Gil couldn even keep up.

Jae-Sung then made a blood ax, and slung it at Nam-gil, and it pierced through his face, killing him.

Jae-Sung stood there, breathing heavily as he was covered in scars and blood.

”Phew. Finally, my first self-given job is done! Time to go home. ”

Jae-Sung POV: ”Im 13 but I know a LOT. I mean..Ive seen A LOT. This world is built on the foundation of corrupt people. Mostly gang families. Different Gang Families are named from the alphabet, from A-Z. And they are also named from the 12 months of the year, January through December. Ever since that day..that stupid day..Ive decided to get stronger..and Ive decided to start from the alphabet gang families, then the birthday month gang families. I have to move quickly though, I got adopted by two of the higher ups in the Anti-Division. Oh yeah, right. Well, the Anti-Division is a federal agency that only focuses on taking down the gang families assets and catching them in the act with actual proof. And they deal with Berserkers using their abilities for evil deeds. The police deal with regular bad guys and stuff, but cooperate with the Anti-Division sometimes. If the Anti-Division found out what I did or what Im planning to do, theyd hunt me easily. Im hungry as hell by the way. I think Ive cursed too much for today. I think Ill stop. Now to cover up these wounds when I get in the house, Ill just explain my way out. Ill tell my adopted parents that my friend and I fell off a bike. They think Im out playing with a friend..they think Im the sweetest boy in the world. ”

[2 years ago]

[A festival]

Jae-Sung and his little sister along with his mom and dad were walking through the festival laughing together, with dozens of people around them having fun as well.

Jae-Sung exclaimed, ”This is so fun! I love it here! ”

His dad responded, ”We told you guys it would be fun. Didn we, dear? ”

The mom agreed, ”I can believe they doubted usss! Haha! ”

The kids started laughing as well.

Jae-Sung said, ”Mom, dad! Can we go on that ride?! Please! ”

”Mmm, sure! ”

Jae-Sung and his little sister said together, ”Yay-! ”

Suddenly, explosions and bullets rang out of nowhere, and people were flying all over the place with the festivities crashing and burning.

Jae-Sung screamed, ”Dad-! ”

He was pushed by the force of the explosion, crashing through multiple festival stands. He was lying under a pile of rubble, and he was covered in blood, ”Guys!!! ”


[Morning time]

[Seoul middle school]

At the front gates of the school, Jae-Sung had bandages on his face and was wearing a black school uniform with gold buttons on the front.

His adopted parents, also two of the higher ups in the Anti-Division corps, were Ho-Seok, and Soo-Yun.

Ho-Seok had a black beard, shoulder length black hair, and purple eyes, and he was super muscular.

Soo-Yun had long brown and black hair, and green eyes with a scar on her cheek and neck.

Ho-Seok sobbed while hugging Jae-Sung, ”YOURE GROWING UP SO FAST! YOURE STARTING 8TH GRADE! ”

Jae-Sung responded nervously, ”Uhh, dad..THEYRE staring at us. ”


Soo-Yun smiled, ”Honey? ”

”Yeah?! ”

Soo-Yun punched the top of Ho-Seoks head and made him crash to the ground.

Ho-Seok was twitching, and Soo-Yun smiled again, ”Hehe, problem solved. ”

Soo-Yun kneeled down in front of Jae-Sung, saying, ”If anything happens Jae-Sung, please do not hesitate to call us. We shall kill-I mean..we shall deal with anyone who is trying to push you around or anything of the sorts. Right, dear? ” Soo-Yun turned to look at Ho-Seok.

Ho-Seok thought while panicking, Soo-Yuns death stare!! Scary!

Ho-Seok replied, ”Y-Yes! Yes we will! ”

Jae-Sung replied, ”Haha, okay okay I will. Im super duper nervous though..am I going to get bullied? ”

”Heavens no! We got your back, son! ”

”Son.. ”

Soo-Yun and Ho-Seok hugged Jae-Sung, and he hugged them back.

Soo-Yun said, ”Please have a good day while me and this brute is taking care of business. Well make your favorite meal tonight to celebrate you starting 8th grade. ”

Jae-Sung smiled and exclaimed, ”YES! PLEASE! A super large Japanese bento box?! ”

Soo-Yun and Ho-Seok nodded with a grin, and Jae-Sung got even more excited.

The bell rang, and Jae-Sung started to jog into the school, saying, ”See you guys later! Be safe! ”

Soo-Yun and Ho-Seok responded, ”Have a good day! ”

Soo-Yun then grabbed Ho-Seoks ear, and started walking to the car with him, saying with a smile, ”Lets go dear. ”

”Y-yes! ”

”We have a meeting at headquarters, something happened at a local church yesterday afternoon. ”

”I know. I got the message from Pachi. ”

”Yes. ”

”Can you let go of my ear? ”

”No. ”


”Hehe. ”

Walking into his new classroom, Jae-Sung walked through the door, thinking, Whyyyy was everyone staring at me? Is it the bruises and bandages? Tch. The workers here put these bracelet things on us, it keeps us from using our blood weapons. Itll shock us hard if we try to use them. Not all of us are Berserkers though, I think.

Jae-Sung was nervous, the classroom was full of students eyes looking at him and whispering about him.

e staring! Not again!

Jae-Sung stood up at the front of the classroom and said, ”Um…hi! Im Jae-Sung! ”

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