Chapter 8 Being Used By Eldest Brother (H)

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Ennn…… Ahhhh……” Zhao Shuyu’s face flushed as kitten-like moans spilled from her mouth.

The tips of her n*pples were continuously provoked as waves of pleasurable itchiness attacked her, honey slipping through the seam between her legs like a wave of heat.
She arched her body, persistently rubbing against Zhao Xingyuan’s.

As she rubbed, her white little hands were pressed against Zhao Xingyuan’s chest.

For many years, Zhao Xingyuan went outside to do business and developed a strong muscular body.

Zhao Shuyu’s little hands accidentally brushed against his brown n*pples, taking her by surprise, and learning from Zhao Xingyuan’s movements, she pinched and toyed with her eldest brother’s tips.

Playing with each other like this, a bit of lament still rushed forth in Zhao Shuyu’s heart.
As it turned out, a man’s and a woman’s bodies were completely different.
Every part of eldest brother’s body was hard, including the one bumping against her lower abdomen, the ceaselessly poking object was also rigid.

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“Brother Xingyuan, you’re poking Yu’er with a stick.”

As her pants turned shallow, Zhao Shuyu’s eyes turned red.

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Zhao Xingyuan lifted his face to Zhao Shuyu’s belly, inserting his tongue into her belly button and circling it around.

“Wuuuuu…..” Her navel was a sensitive area, and adding on the stimulation she received from her milk dots, Zhao Shuyu tightly pressed her legs together as warm fluids gushed out of her p*ssy.
This numb feeling was akin to ant bites, causing her to twist about, becoming incessantly restless.

However, Zhao Xingyuan didn’t let her go, turning more intense with pinching the n*pples between his fingers.

The two little t*ts swole, her chest turning puffier and redder from being teased.
Zhao Shuyu’s legs pressed themselves to the point of being numb, and at this moment, Zhao Xingyuan let loose of her br*asts, his hands moving down and pulling her legs apart.

The center of her legs was indeed dripping wet.

Although there were no lamps inside the room, the night’s moon glowed brightly, and the moonlight that had entered the room was already enough for him to clearly see Zhao Shuyu’s young flower.

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“Little Yu’er, close your eyes and feel this well.”

Zhao Xingyuan said in a hoarse voice, continuing to bury his head between his little sister’s legs.

The two light pink lips were like fresh petals that were wrapped around a dark red meaty bud.

In the end, she was still young, and the flower stem had yet to fully mature.
Zhao Xingyuan used his tongue to lick the small hidden bead, vigorously sucking it, and gradually, the small bead became more prominent, causing Zhao Shuyu to gasp from shock.

After playing with her cl*t, Zhao Xingyuan pried open his sister’s two red petals and opened his mouth, finally inserting his tongue into her p*ssy.

As he sucked the juice seeping out of her cave, Zhao Shuyu’s cave was actually too small, already filling up with only one tongue entering the cavity.
Zhao Xingyuan stiffened his tongue, imitating the motion of a meat stick piercing a cave, uninterruptedly going in and out of Zhao Shuyu’s small, inexperienced cave.

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