frost bite

Chapter 1

playing with.

”He wanted to run away? ” one of the boys probably the leader asked tauntingly. He was slowly advancing towards him. He tried to move away but his legs were still weak from the lightining . He holds his breath hard trying not to show his fear.

Then suddenly he felt something sharp near his neck it was a tree branch he couldn move further or it would really pierce. He tried crawling away but his body wasn cooperating. He needed to get away.

With his eyes closed he focus all his energy to his uninjured hand water vapour around his hand condensed and he sent a blast towards one of the attackers hes sure it hit because the boy fell back moaning in pain and the other kids were in diarray, probably never expecting him to attack , it created enough distraction for him to slowly stand and ran to the forest.

He could hear voices behind him.

”He went past the territory and entered the night beasts territory, ”

”Leave him let the monsters tear him apart, ”

The scratch on his neck wasn healing he could feel it start to throb, the tree was probably poisonous that was something the empire probably didn know or the tree wouldn have been planted on a nobles land, but that wasn his problem like Eliphas always told him it would be best to stay away from empire politics, but he should probably let him or the proffessor know if he he survives the night beast. He walk for a few hours looking back once every few minutes in case they decided to follow him or if maybe they had sent someone after him but there was nothing. He was getting tired so he decided to stop and he hid inside a tree trunk.

He could smell the scent of beasts around the forest he could also hear some screeching and growling, probably a beast being hunted down. But he could be hallucinating cause the pain from the scratch was starting to spread and the blood was turning black. It was like fire burning him and at the same time ice freezing him. He winced as he tried to turn but it felt like every nerve in his body was amplifying his pain. It made him black out a bit. It felt nauseating. He started to whimper. The pain felt like thousands of hot, sharp needles, covered in salt, piecing through every pore on his skin and into his muscles and bones.

He felt like he was dying.

”Coo? ” he had a voice inside the small trunk, he opened his eyes and spotted emerald green eyes looking at him, but before he could understand what was going on another wave of pain hit him and his mind blanked out completely.

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