frost bite

Chapter 2

t but it just right for him he needed companionship not protection. He was glad that Eliphas knew that.

People around began to speak in whispers and his Uncle and aunts faces were not looking good. It was a complete disgrace to them, in the empire you either had a high level beast or not. Low level beasts were an embarrassment. He didn care either way they never looked at him in a good light so this would change nothing.


His cousins mouth was twitching, he almost couldn hide the grin that was threatening to come out, but soon he froze he saw something that he thought he would never see on Circe again, it was small but it was still there more beautiful than ever. He wasn happy. He always felt that whenever Circe was happy he wouldn be happy. From that incident steamed paranoia, he made a week long plan on how to break the little pet, he waited till Circe was out, he hit it had and but hurting it just wouldn do they needed to do something that would shatter his spirit, he never wanted to see the smile again, he decided to kill. He the hanged it on the chandelier in Circes bedroom.

That was what Circe found when he went back home. Although he had it for a short while some attachment grew but it was dead and he couldn do anything cause in the end it would still be dead.

He fixed his emotions and got up with a sigh. He couldn be seen as sad or he would be affecting the mood, or so he was told so he got used to having an indifferent face.

He picked up the dead beast and wrapped the already dirty sheet around it and placed the corpse on the side. He was too calm nothing befitting a ten-year-old boy. But living his life coupled with the fact that he had been an extremely smart kid ever since he was young, meaning he understood everything going on around him, he learnt to be independent. so he understood that this was nothing to waste his emotions over, he had only known it for a week and he hadn even named it. Which proved to be a great choice. Glancing outside, he found that the sun was almost down, he couldn be late for dinner.

As he was about to walk out he stopped in front of his mirror and checked to see if he looked okay, he needed to be so as to not let them find fault with him. If anyone else saw him they would see an extremely beautiful boy with long silver white hair and eye catching blue eyes. Very cute and also pretty but Circe didn care about it at all. He had his mothers features which caused his aunt and uncle to dislike him more, thinking that because he looked like her his uselessness should be attributed to her.

It was one of his saddest days but it was also the day he met him. A noble boy sent here for protection.


”Adorjan? ”

”Hmm, ”

”Will you come back after you leave for the capital? ” he asked leaning on the cave wall as another kitten climbed on top of him.

”Yeah, of course, why? ”

”Its just sad to see you go, ”

”Ill finish my training and come back as fast as possible maybe then I would have gained more power and at least protect you, or even take you away from here, ” he said his beautiful face becoming rounder and his dark eyes twinkling as if the thought made him very happy.

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