Chapter three: The adoptive daughter

Dinner 1 ( Chapter two)

Abigail open her eyes sightly and could feel a throbbing pain in her head. Her body was achy and sore like every muscle in her body had been overworked or pulled. looking at the clock oh Im late for the lecture, she quickly brushes her teeth and takes a shower.

Abigail is looking cute in her blue gown and black jacket. coming out of the house she saw James standing smiling handsomely looking at each other silently but questioning. James broke the silence.

Good morning said James, good morning and why are you here asked Abigail, don be rude dear he said moving closer to her, I come here to drop you off at school, of course, thanks moving away with the excuse that her friend is waiting for her in the park, then that is simple (putting his hands into his pocket) I will simply go and take her at the park .she has no option than to follow him so she obeyed him silently.

James drove gently towards the park with total silence for about some minutes, he broke the silence.

What have you eaten he asked,l drank tea and bread Abigail lied.

Getting to the park Akira was nowhere to be found. Abigail was perplexed because she didn want James to drop her at school but there is no alternative than to follow James because she is pretty late.

Getting to the classroom the lecture is about to round up the lecture. Abigail is very angry with herself, some minutes later the lecturer rounds off the lecture. She move out of the class and walked around the school. Suddenly she discovered that she is hungry but she is doubting if she should eat in the restaurant or not, finally, she decided to buy a soda drink and a pie after consuming her food, she took her phone from her bag and put a call through Akira. she asked her why she is not in school and promised to check her at home.

hours later Abigail arrived at Akiras place. she called Akira that she is at the gate, hello girlfriend I am at the gate, ABI. oops, I am on my way she replied childishly.

Abigail and Akira laugh loudly in the room then Abigails phone started ringing sorry Abigail said, go-ahead pick up his call replied Abigail.

Abigail where are you I am at your school said James, sorry I am with Akira she is not well replied Abigail, okay I will be there in a jiffy said James, don worry your self bro. Abigail said jokingly but sincerely, no am already on my way let us go for dinner, James replied and hang up the call without waiting for Abigails reply.

what is the conversation all about? Akira asked, nothing much go and freshen up James is taking us out for dinner replied Abigail, ohh you know I love outings but I will disappoint you this time around Akira said,

meaning asked Abigail, you know I am not stable enough to attend any outing now Akira replied, I had you Abigail said sadly, look James is already at the gate cheer up Akira said (moving to the gate)

Hey guys James greeted cheerfully,

Hi Abigail replied smiley,

hi James, Abigail greeted smirking, Akira how is your health? James asked, absolutely fine Akira replied, abi shall we move James asked, sure Abigail replied, Akira are you not joining us James asked, no Akira replied, why James asked, nothing just my health Akira replied smiley, okay take care of yourself James said, Abigail bid her goodbye and peck Akira then join James in the car (meanwhile James is very delighted that Akira is not joining the dinner because it is personal)

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