” Can i ever be happy ”?. This is the question I always ask my self.I lift my head swiftly when I heard the sound of the door.I saw mother Camilla looking at me. From her look one could see anger and disgust on her face .

”Get dress and come downstair ”. That was all she said

awareness hit me and my thought started running wild. Could it be she want to kill me now or she is selling me out to slavery. Considering the pain she had inflicted on me for the past fifteen years selling or killing me isn hard for her. I had no other choice than to wear the clothes mother Camilla had earlier thrown right at my face. I tied my hair in ponytail and went to look at the mirror. I have never being part of those girls who require makeup to enhance their beauty. I am a beauty my self. Butler Mimi always tell me that am a younger version of my mother.

I immediately proceed in going downstairs before mother Camilla comes back to my room.

”Here comes my daughter ”. said mother Camilla with a sneaky smile. One could tell this smile didn reach her eyes.

”The photo didn do any justice to your beauty. Dear what is your name ”. Looking at this lady one could tell she is wealthy. Her sitting position and her sweet smile was very elegant even though my guess will be that she is in her late fifties she still look beautiful.

”Mira dear answer your future mother-in- law ”. Future mother-in-law? when , how. Many questions where running through my head but those questions couldn come out of my mouth. This was it, this is how my life will come to an end by marrying a complete stranger.

”My name is ….. my name is Mira Davidson ”. I managed to answer the elegant lady with a choked voice.

I wanted to cry but I can not cry neither can I hold back the tears in my eyes that are threatening to fall for fear mother Camilla wouldn like it. From the corner of my eyes I could feel the angry gaze of mother Camilla.

”It is finalized my son and your daughter will be getting married in two days ”. those words broke my heart . My tear tears betrayed me luckily no one was looking

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