Yes today is my wedding day. Wasn every girl suppose to be happy on their wedding day but my case was different. I am getting married to the person I know nothing about. The wedding gown am wearing is just a symbol of my fathers victory and also the symbol of my defeat. The door opened which force me to turn.

” sister you are getting married today so cheer up ”. said Mandy with an happy expression.

”I am getting married to the person I know nothing about and you expect me to be happy ”. I managed to reply with tears in my eyes.

”Let me let you in on something, Damien Clemonte is going to marry you. He is a cold and complete heartless CEO and also handsome but don worry I will make him fall in love with me within your one year of marriage and after divorcing you he will marry me ”. We are not even married and the plan of how he will divorce me is already going.

” Why don you marry him since you like him ”. Maybe convincing this sister of mine will save me from this catastrophe called marriage.

” Nice try Mira but don worry this marriage is already a charm after a year you will be dump like a bag of trash on the streets ”.

It wasn up to a minute Mandy left when butler Mimi came to call me that it was time. On getting to the church I saw my father in a black suit.

The man who calls himself my father and the biggest read for my sorrows today was walking me down the aisle. I noticed the church was silent and I could feel the preying eyes of People

I lifted my face slightly upward just for my hazel eyes to meet a pair of blue eyes staring at me.He was wearing a white suit. He was handsome his face was emmiting a dangerous aura and his beard was neatly shaved. One could tell by looking at him that he had a well toned abs God indeed took his time in making him. I didn know I was holding my breath until now.Mandy was right the man I was getting married to is handsome. My father placed my hand on Damiens hand. His hands were cold that it sent shiver down my cord.This man is handsome he can get any woman he wants but why did you chose me. Could he have been forced into this marriage just like me. Looking at his face one could tell this man cannot be forced to do anything.

Soon the priest began stating the vows.

”Damien Clemonte will you take Mira Davidson as your wife to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worst, for richer, for poorer,in sickness and in health to love and to cherish till death do you apart, according to Gods holy law and this solemn vow.

”I do ”. Said Damien those words made the tears I was holding back for a long time to fall . This is it I am getting married to this stranger who will divorce me after a year. The priest repeated the vows for I answered quickly just to get this done and over with. The sooner we get married the sooner the divorce and then I will leave this country.

” You may now kiss the bride ”. His lips touched mine as soon as the priest made that statement. It was as if he also wanted to get this done quickly. His grip on my waist tightened that is when I noticed he was taller than me . He was kissing me forcing his lips into mine, his hot breath mixed with mine was intoxicating. My heart was beating wildly almost as if he could hear it. He finally pulled away and I felt empty as if I didn want the kiss to end.

pov of Damien

”When I saw her walking down her walking down the aisle with her father arms in arm. I took a closer look at her. Her skin was as white as snow,her hazel eyes was staring right into mine, I kept my face blank not showing any expression. I thought my parents will get me married to a princess or some sort of a wealthy heiress but this girl was nothing of that sort.She is more beautiful than any model I have ever seen. Even though the wedding gown look big one could tell she has a beautiful figure which could make any man go crazy. When the priest was saying the vows earlier I saw a drop of tears fall right from her eyes . Could it be she doesn want to marry me? but which girl in LA doesn want to marry me

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