Miras pov

After the wedding in the church a big party was hosted at Damiens home. I and Damien entered the car which was decorated. The ride was long and silent. He hasn said a word to me since I saw him probably he doesn like me

”Are you hungry ”. I heard a deep masculine voice which obviously belong to my husband. I turned my head swiftly just to meet the gaze of the blue eyed man gush he still looks charming even though he was tired.

”No ”. That was my short reply. I could see from the corner of my eyes he was staring at me. We got to the Clemontes mansion after riding in few minutes of silence in the car. I must confess the mansion was bigger than I expected. One wouldn be able to tour round the mansion in one day. On the right side of the building was a car park. The cars are so many and with different colours. Just beside the car park there is a big garden which was filled with gardenia flower which was my favourite flower. I didn realise when my husband opened the door for me to come out .He stretch his hands for me to take . when my hand touch his hand I felt the warmness of his hands. Earlier his hands were cold but now he is warm could it be he is sick immediately I saw a young girl running towards I and Damien

”Lindia show Mira my room ”. He immediately began to walk towards the door to the mansion.

”Young madam please come with me ”. Said Lindia.I could tell she is friendly and nice.

” don call me madam call me Mira ”. For a second I saw a flash of worries across her face

” Madam I think young master wouldn like it ”. Mandy mentioned something about been cold does this mean he punishes the maids often. My thoughts immediately began to run wild before Lindia tapped me

” Young madam come with me ”.

I breathe a sign of relieve after I entered the room. The room was quite big and neatly arranged. I took off my dress and went into the bathroom. The bathroom was big and luxurious,I soaked my self in the bathtub. I shivered slightly due to the coldness of the water. The fragrance coming from the soap was soothing and relaxing that I spent half an hour enjoying the fragrance by the time I came out from the bathroom the makeup artist was already waiting for me. I didn let them put too much makeup on me. I wore a yellow colour sunset garn with heels which wasn too high. Looking at the mirror I was satisfied with my look

” madam your beauty is out of this world even without makeup you are looking just like a fairy. said the makeup artist and the rest people who accompany her giggled after her comment.

Lindia came back to lead me to the party. When I got to the party Damien immediately came to me and held me in my waist pulling me closer to him. I could inhale him masculine scent which was intoxicating.

”Oh come on Damy let me at least know my sister-in-law ”. Said a girl who looks very young. From her face I could tell she is Damien sister due to their resemblance. The only difference is that Damien face is expressionless while this girls face held some calm and mischief.

” My name is Olivia and I am Damys sister. Damy can I please take her to show her my friends now ”. said the girl almost as if she was pleading.

” Mira do you want to go with her ”. Said Damien,I looked into his eyes I could see he was smiling. I never noticed he had a dimple until when he smiled at me just now.

” Oh my word! Damy did you just smile. excellent sister-in-law you just arrived and you are already working your magic ”. she immediately grab my hands and started working fast. I had a hard time catching up with her.She only stopped when we arrived at a table where some girls was sitting.

” Chery,Bella and Sophie meet Damiens wife Mira and sister meet my friends ”. I smiled a little and said hi to her friends. The elegant lady from two days ago who is Damiens mother showed up

”Mira dear come with me ”. Said Damiens mother. I could see some of her traits in Damien which include the dimple.

I was introduced to all the members of the family by mother-in-law.The members include mother-in-law, father-in-law,Linda, Spencer who was Damiens cousin,uncle Laurence,aunt Claudia which was not in the party but mother-in-law still told me about her.

By the time the party ended I was already tired and hungry. I was grateful when mother-in-law told me to go to my room.

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