Along the way, Gong Ziliang informed Lin Anruo to activate the array formation and nourish everyone’s bodies.

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After doing all of this, Gong Ziliang raised his head to look in the direction where Sun Yaowan’s figure had disappeared and muttered, “It’s time to go to the Imperial City.”

At this moment, in the imperial city of the Monet Dynasty, there was a guard every five steps and a sentry every ten steps.

The wind blew, and the air was filled with a murderous aura.

The usually calm eunuchs and palace maids were all shocked.

Occasionally, the slightest movement from somewhere made them tremble in fear.

After all…

The news that the Flat River Dynasty was going to launch a military attack on the Monet Dynasty had already spread throughout the Imperial City.

Be it civil officials or generals, they all felt that the Third Prince had an unavoidable responsibility for this matter.

However, the problem was that according to the urgent news from Firewood City, a few days ago, after the Third Prince joined forces with the City Lord of Firewood City and cruelly killed the heir of the Duke’s Mansion of the Flat River Dynasty,

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Then, he disappeared without a trace with the City Lord.

According to an unknown rumor, the reason why the Third Prince could kill the people of the Duke’s Mansion’s Crown Prince Yin with lightning speed was because apart from the Spirit Refinement Realm City Lord of Firewood City, there seemed to be the traces of the Demon Cult behind him.

Colluding with the Demon Cult was already a heinous crime.

Even the monarch of the Monet Dynasty could not withstand it.

Therefore, without handing over the Third Prince, the monarch who was usually high and mighty and ruled the four directions of the dynasty.

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Now, in the royal court, he could only be forced to confess his crimes by the court officials.

There were even some who secretly asked the monarch to hand over the surrender letter to the Flat River Dynasty.

They would give up several cities and become a vassal in exchange for the Flat River Dynasty to stop fighting.

Because of this, the monarch was furious.

The heads that were cut off in a few days were said to have dyed the steps red.

In the imperial study, a middle-aged man in a dragon python yellow robe sat in front of the desk with a tired expression.

It was the monarch of the Monet Dynasty who was rumored to be about to become the ruler of a destroyed kingdom, Mo Zhongtian.

After reading a few memorials, Mo Zhongtian’s mind was restless.
He put down the brush in his hand and looked at an old eunuch standing at the side.

“Eunuch Cao, is there any news of Shaoyun today?”

His name was Cao Tianzheng.
To Mo Zhongtian, he was someone who had accompanied him for many years.

To outsiders, this was Eunuch Cao who had begun to walk onto the stage after the Supreme Elder of the Monet Dynasty, who was at the Spiritual Sea Realm, was slashed alive by a sword cultivator 20 years ago.

As soon as he appeared, he received the favor of the heavens.

He was in charge of the internal affairs, guarding all the defense matters in the walls of the palace, and commanding 100,000 imperial guards to guard the imperial city.

The 30,000 soldiers under the emperor were among them.

Now, his cultivation level was at the half-step Spiritual Sea Realm.

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Or rather, the last pillar that the Monet Dynasty could rely on.

He could hear the sadness in Mo Zhongtian’s words.

Cao Tianzheng lowered his head and saw that Mo Zhongtian, who was clearly the emperor, revealed a dejected expression.

The two long white eyebrows that made people tremble in fear could not help but sink slightly.

The eyes that were almost unable to open revealed some heartache.
He could not help but say, “Your Majesty, there has been no news of Prince Shaoyun.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cao Tianzheng sighed softly in his mind.

Although he was in charge of the defense of the palace and the imperial city, these few days, he was restricted to the palace wall with Mo Zhongtian.

The channel to obtain information about the outside world had long been cut off.

There was no way to know anything about the Third Prince.

Of course, with his half-step Spiritual Sea Realm cultivation, if he wanted to kill his way out, the Spirit Refinement Realm and Tribulation Transcendence Realm juniors outside the palace could not stop him!

However, he was not confident that he could bring Mo Zhongtian and all the descendants of the Mo Family out unscathed…

As he was thinking, Mo Zhongtian’s voice sounded again, “I’ve known Shaoyun’s personality since he was young.”

“Although it’s a little messy sometimes, his heart is not bad.
He definitely won’t collude with the Demon Cult and harm the heir of the Flat River Dynasty.”

Cao Tianzheng lowered his eyes and followed Mo Zhongtian’s words, “This is because His Majesty is worthy of being a ruler and a father.”

“That’s why the Third Prince can be polite in front of major issues.”

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Mo Zhongtian raised his head and forced a smile on his tired face.
He said, “Eunuch Cao, when did you learn to patronize me?”

“What kind of person am I? I know clearly in my heart.”

“I don’t dare to say that I have many political and military achievements in this world, but with the words ‘work hard’, I protected my ancestors’ territory.”

“When I die in the future, I can face the previous emperors with a clear conscience.”

“As a father…”

When he spoke till here, Mo Zhongtian seemed to have fallen into memories, and a painful expression appeared on his face.

After a while, he slowly recovered from his shock and said, “I’ve also done my best and taught Tianchen, Shaoyun, and the others.”

“However, I owe Qinglan too much.”

Mo Zhongtian spat out the words ‘Qinglan’, as if he had used all his strength.

After saying that, he looked even older.

“Your Majesty, it’s all in the past.”

“Moreover, His Majesty had no choice but to do this for the Monet Dynasty.”

“I believe Princess Qinglan will not blame Your Majesty if she knows about this.”

Cao Tianzheng comforted him gently, but when he heard his words, Mo Zhongtian shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Twenty years!”

“In these twenty years, I’ve lived in regret every day and night.”

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“As a father, not only could I not give Qinglan the happiness she wanted, but I also made her take the initiative to die for me.”

Seeing Mo Zhongtian’s sorrowful expression, Cao Tian could not bear it and went forward to inject a stream of spiritual qi into the latter’s body.

As he calmed his aura, he said, “Your Majesty, take care of your body.”

“The Monet Dynasty still needs His Majesty to preside over the situation.”

Cao Tianzheng wanted to continue.

Suddenly, Mo Zhongtian looked over, causing him to immediately be unable to continue.

Since 20 years ago, Cao Tianzheng, together with Mo Zhongtian, tried their best to salvage the situation.

He forcefully saved the Monet Dynasty from the edge of destruction.

As for today, after more than 20 years of service and companionship, Cao Tianzheng could tell Mo Zhongtian’s thoughts with just a glance.

At this moment, from Mo Zhongtian’s gaze, Cao Tianzheng smelled the sorrow of death.

It made him instantly realize that this emperor had already lost the ambition to rule the Monet Dynasty.

When he thought of this, Cao Tianzheng’s eyes opened and closed, and a clear light flowed.

At the same time, an invincible ruthlessness emitted from his entire body.

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