I’m destined to die while donating blood.


There was the sound of a door opening violently.

Even without looking, I knew at once who the person who had barged into the drawing-room was.

Deon de Larote Kirventia.

He was the current emperor and the owner of the old dukedom I had barely escaped.

“Where did you hide her?”

The sound of his heavy breathing echoed in my ears.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Really? Then it doesn’t matter if I search the mansion.”

Fortunately, I was hiding in a weapons room on one side of the parlor.
She quietly held her breath and put her face close to the door.

I’ll have to jump out the window when Deon gets out of the drawing room.

However, he was quiet now before he acted as if he was about to tear into the mansion.
There was no sign of anything outside.

I peered carefully through the gaps.

‘Did he go?’

Then, suddenly, a knife came through the door above my head.

My hair stood up all over my body.

Startled, she lost her balance and leaned toward the door.

It was difficult from the beginning to support the shaking body with a rotten wooden door.
The old door collapsed helplessly.
The door opened wide, which I had tried to lock.

I fell with spears, arrows, and swords.

There was a long silence.

He was holding a sword and glaring at me with glowing eyes.

Again, the hide-and-seek failed.
A long life of escape is coming to an end.

My knees hurt when I hit the floor because I fell, but I was embarrassed.

I had nothing to say, so I just rolled my eyes and greeted him.

“It’s been a while, Your Highness the Duke.”

He frowned.

‘Oh, is it because of the title?’

“Uh… Should I call you His Majesty now?”

Somehow, his expression grew worse.

There was a suffocating silence that made it impossible to swallow saliva.
He looked down at me with blue eyes, then leaned over and brushed my cheek.

“Leonie, how long did you think you could run away? I’ve made it very clear.
I’ll never let you go.”

A cold tone that did not go well with a friendly touch resonated in the narrow room.

The surroundings became cold enough to make the illusion that it fell back into the middle of the north.

My body trembled terribly.


I read the book during my self-study class.

All I saw was the cover of the book.
It was because the three people who were sitting in the back seat secretly opened the book and read it.

‘Is it that popular?’

I borrowed it out of curiosity and read it, but I closed the book after only seeing the prologue.

I didn’t want to see the main characters having a happy ending leaving behind the exploited extras.

After turning three pages, the illustration showed the Duke looking down at the woman with cold eyes and a long-haired woman with her head lowered.

The woman’s face was hidden by her curly hair.

The woman in the black dress was drooping with her frizzy red hair.

Extra with no face, so there was no need to draw.

And now that woman was me.

I only read the prologue, but it wasn’t hard to know who I was.

Because I die heroically in the first paragraph of the prologue.

[One bite is enough.]

It was the first sentence of the prologue of the book ordering the disposal of Leoni.

My friends talked about the novel all the time.

So, although I hadn’t read the book, I naturally knew the brief plot of the novel.

An empire without an official heir.

The nobles of the Emperor’s lineage naturally fought for succession, and one of the main characters, Duke Deon, also fought countless battlefields to win the battle for the throne.

He had many variations.

Son of the Empress Dowager.
An abandoned prince who lost his castle and was banished to the north.

Nevertheless, a hero of war who has never been defeated.

Even the seemingly perfect man had a secret.

Empress Dowager’s ancestors were Asmodians.

A person who manifested the lineage of the Asmodians could raise monstrous power by drinking the right blood.

The Duke’s victory in the war was all thanks to the blood he found.

Several hostages were thus offered to the Duke.

I can’t stand it, I will die, and I will die here.

The sacrifices were repeated until the fateful mate appeared.

The woman who would be

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