Undead uprising

Chapter 5: training methods from the ghost

Turning around he saw the saw lich in front of him and looking back seing the same body lying then looked back again he did this 10 times before the soul of the lich came to material plane as a ghost, annoyed the ghost said ”boy the little thing infront of you could inspect the book and history huh thats a good thing knowledge is power ” seeing this thing the annoyed ghost immediately calmed down and questioned ”boy whats your goal now tell me ” before jack had already understand the situation and said ”currently none so far what do you suggest ” the ghost had already started its plan since he saw the magic of the system and since it had the chance he had taken it and said ”Evolve or die to the hands of others or yourself, use the book of the dead [Necronomicon] as your foundation and a support partner that you or the book will ordere, and as me as a teacher or a master until you can have a foothold in this universe, kid do you accept and agree to my suggestion ”

hearing this the skeleton shook not because of what he said

but the deeper meaning hidden inside of it then answered ”Ok I accept ” as I answered the book inside the inventory came out the space appearing in front of us then the ghost said ”OK kid cut your arm off and put it into watch how it eats your arm then it will slowly be absorbed by you arm ” the [Necronomicon] infront of me realizing this is what was this guy reading before the battle started, then an ingenious idea came to mind as he slowly came to the lichs body and started to pull his own skull and after the process was done he put his head into the ground showcasing the lichs body and then started to do the same to he lich it took hours to completely take off the head/skull of the lich after the process of pulling the skull of the lich and started to switch both head/skull of the two off the into each other places after that he neatly place the former body with the lichs head attached onto it, below the rib bones theres an entrance that the stomach normally placed it was now filling the stomach space and under the rib cage with a skeleton body after the process was done he can move so the book followed his orders and the book started to grow as big as the lich body and slowly eating it after it pass through the lich and skeleton inside of it refines the bones and from inside out as numerous carvings of some sort of language after it was done the lich and skeleton inside of it,

looking at the skeleton inside the lich was reading quietly inside of him and its being protected by the miasma covering the lich the whole ordeals with the book and the ghost.

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